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Welcome To Paradox

Gorawyn posted Feb 23, 17

Welcome to Paradox!

We are a multi-game guild with factions in many popular games and even some obscure ones!


Free Company in the game Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on the Cactaur Server - Neunshi Endelight

Star Wars the Old Republic on the Ebon Hawk Server - Guild Master - Nagathan aka Narree or Xenatao on this site.

Elder Scrolls Online - Guild Master - Gorawyn

Tom Clancy's The Division PS4 - Solidraven

World of Warcraft: Gorawyn and Jaxiel

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PS4 - Solidraven

Destiny PS4 - Solidraven

Our primary focus in all games is to have fun while progressing through all the content that each game has to offer. 

We welcome members of all levels and classes as well as those who are avid crafters. While our focus is on reaching and completing end game content we also enjoy leveling and helping others. 

Paradox is run by a ruling council. Officers along with our chancellors and guild masters work together to facilitate raids and fun for the guild as a whole. Feel free to contact any of us for more information or to start your own guild in any game you don't see listed here.

Or you can fill out our very short Recruitment Application and an officer will contact you shortly.

If you need assistance signing up for the website please contact either Gorawyn AstrisXenatao-PubSide or Narree-ImpSide or SolidRaven in game or via the website. You can also look at the TS applet to the right and see who is online in TeamSpeak. 

For SWTOR On Ebon Hawk you can post a message in the chat channels Paradox or Allies to anyone of the names in Teamspeak and they, if ingame, will help you with any questions you may have. In the ingame chat window just type "/cjoin allies" or "/cjoin Paradox" without the quotes to post messages to these individuals.

Thank you for visiting The Paradox Gaming Crew and hope to see you ingame.  The leaders are listed above for each game for your convienience.


[GM] Xenatao   added 30 Advanced days to Paradox
[GM] Xenatao   added 30 Advanced days to Paradox
[GM] XenataoFor those of you that might be interested We are play FFXIV on Aether Datacenter and either Cactar or Fairee World, if you would like to join us.
[GM] Xenatao   added 30 Advanced days to Paradox
[GM] Xenatao   added 30 Advanced days to Paradox
[GM] XenataoSorry all, I have been a little unsocial lately. Just a little depressed since kids went home. I will be getting back on TS at least here very soon. Plus I don't want you guys to see me drunk, NOT LOL.
[GM] Xenatao   or hear me at least lol.
[GM] Xenatao   added 14 Advanced days to Paradox
[GM] Xenatao   added 30 Advanced days to Paradox
[GM] Xenatao   added 30 Advanced days to Paradox
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